Careers at Strikingly




我们是由 Y Combinator 孵化的国际化团队,落户上海
并获得了 SV Angel, Index Ventures, FundersClub, 创新工场等的投资


Strong sense of purpose

We want to help everyone build their brands and identity online.

High bar for quality

We're obsessed with building the best and always see room for improvement.

Relentlessly deliver results

Get rid of your excuses. Take pride in getting shit done.

Embrace the challenge

Uncertainty is always part of a startup. We tackle big ideas with courage.

Focus on the team, not egos

We care about each other. Be candid, constructive, and sincere.

Empathize and create value

Make all users feel appreciated. We're not happy unless the user is happy.

Think critically

Question everything. Don't fall into the status-quo trap. Innovate!


To create the best experience, we cut all distractions and get to the point.

Take initiative and assume responsibility

Volunteer for the impossible and push the whole team further.

If you're afraid of a challenge, or just want a stable and predictable job, Strikingly won't be a good fit for you.

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Y Combinator,硅谷的创业机器   Y Combinator 创业公司诞生记 - Strikingly 的故事   Y Combinator 支持的 Strikingly 致力于帮助发布者打造以移动端为优先的卓越网络体验   Strikingly 可在短短几分钟之内创建简约而美观的网站   傻瓜式建站平台Strikingly获150万美元种子轮投资,创新工场参投   首家被Y Combinator孵化的中国团队Strikingly:YC在意你已做了什么而非想要做什么   TECH NOW:个人网站上要放什么   你的网站可能会犯的四个错误  


We're hiring for full-time and internship positions!

We're definitely open to hiring for other positions as well!
We're always looking for great people to join us. Just email us!